wisdom and compassion

18 07 2009

Just want to say that I am grateful for the wisdom and compassion of my friends. I am truly blessed. Read the comments on my last post and you will understand.

Sometimes, things… circumstances…  have happened so rapidly in my life that it makes my mind spin. Like a roulette wheel it turns and clicks as it considers the possibilities. will he recover? will I be a widow soon? what caused the set back? why did he fall? am i doing the right things to help him? what does God want out of all this? which is a life experience and which is a demonic assault? God, where are You in this? what is happening with our finances? click.. click.. click.

The spinning goes on and on. So I run to my Bible to remind me of what God says about Who He is and what my relationship to Him is all about.

  • He will never leave me or forsake me.
  • He has a plan for my life. A plan for good and not for evil.
  • My Heavenly father knows what I need.
  • His love is never ending and UNconditional.

Then, I run to AA to simplify it all for me.

  • One day at a time.
  • Turn my life and my will over to God as I understand Him.
  • Ask for help.
  •  K.I.S.S. > Keep It Simple Silly. ( I am not stupid.)
  • You are only as sick as your secrets. Tell someone you are hurting.

And then, I tie all that together with a big purple bow that says:


In times of extreme stress,I am bringing it all back to the basics. Thank God that I have the basics. Thank God that I have friends to remind me when my mind is tormented. Thank God that people pray for me (us) when I am too tangled up to pray.

Thank You God!



One response

18 07 2009

Always praying and always loving Coni and Ed! You guys are awesome and we love you. the macs!


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