Progress, not perfection

20 05 2009

I think we are turning a corner in Ed’s journey. He is getting stronger. Yesterday, we went to a hospital to visit a friend. Her room was as far away from the elevator as it could be. He had the longest walk he has had yet. And then back down to the car. He did so good and our friend was nicely surprised to see him.

Today we had another long walk as we went to Walmart and bought a cane. Tomorrow his PT will help him get accustomed to walking with that instead of his walker. We are both a little nervous about him leaving the relative safety of the walker but I think that is normal after what he has been through. That will be her last day of coming to our house. We will go out for therapy starting next week. 

I left him home alone so I could go to work for 8 hours on last Friday night. I spoke to him on the phone twice. He did fine but I am not ready to go back to work for a full week yet. He is probably ready to get rid of me for a while but I would be a nervous wreck with him home alone for that many hours. Besides, I just want him to get strong enough to fly out to LA with me when I get nominated for the Emmy Award. (I won’t know until June.) One step at a time.



One response

25 05 2009

Hey Coni,

I miss you, too. Sounds like Ed is doing well, and I’m glad. The bridal hair sounds like a good idea, though I’m sure you’d miss the excitement and variety of your current work. I am currently growing my hair VERY long in the hopes that I’ll be able to think of something cool to do with it. In about three more inches, I think I can do it in two braids and wrap my head like Heidi.

For your information, though I frequently snort when I laugh, I have never snorted milk through my nose. Actually, I have a kind of screechy laugh that my ex-husband compared to “seagulls crashing through a window pane.” Neal does not make comments about my laughter, which is only one of the many reasons he is still married to me.

Hugs to you & Ed,


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