dumping of the brain

17 05 2009

It sure is hard to write when you have crazy stuff going on in your life. My mind doesn’t want to zero in on any one thing so here goes a brain dump.

  • Ed seems to be walking a little better but progress is painfully slow. He has very little energy and he is trying so hard to get well.
  • Liver and onions have been on the menu 8 times since he was diagnosed with anemia. Yuck and double yuck.
  • My sister’s husband passed away last week. She has been through a lot since January too.
  • It seems as if we are getting old but I don’t feel grown up yet.
  • I am a bit anxious about losing my health insurance because I have not worked in months.
  • Please, North Carolina, please pass the film tax incentive bill so I can work at home for a while. If you pass it to 25%, they will come!
  • If we don’t start getting film work in NC I will have to consider a different job. Perhaps hair stylist to the brides.
  • I had one night of work this past Friday. It was more of a social outing than like work. Thanks Kari and Jules.
  • Finally got my neck straightened out from sleeping on cots and chairs in the hospital.
  • I have GOT to stop eating out of frustration before even my fat clothes don’t fit any more.
  • I am blessed with awesome neighbors and church family. 
  • Holy hugs are the best.
  • I plan to send out the manuscript for our children’s book to at least two publishers next week.
  • Being organized is so difficult for me.
  • God, will you please help me to make the right decisions so I do not stray from my destiny?
  • Started singing with the praise band again. Had a rehearsal today: sing next Sunday, May 24th. Come and hear us at Rock church at 10 AM.
  • I have been listening to opera in the car, turning it way up and screaming my head off. Um… I mean singing loudly.
  • May 22 will be Ed’s sobriety anniversary. Thirty four years!
  • Jesus promised me He would never leave me or forsake me.



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