Ten Reasons not to take yourself too seriously

13 05 2009

The top 10 reasons to not take yourself too seriously, (in dyslexic order.)

  • gives you frown lines and frown lines are unbecoming. (Smiling causes character lines. There now, that”s better.)
  • is a lot of work. (Living should be an adventure, not a grind.)
  • can give you an ulcer. (Acid reflux sucks too.)
  • means you better be right every time. (The odds are simply against that notion.)
  • you can’t laugh at the stupid things you do. (And you will do something stupid.)
  • if you ever do laugh, you cannot snort and blow milk out your nose. (Dignified laughter is just wrong.)
  • it’s not all about you anyway. (Just get over yourself and notice the good in some one else for a change.)

And the top reason is;* drumroll please*,


You may have noticed that I did not number my reasons and I do not have 10. So, stop taking this so seriously. Why don’t you tell me another reason why we should not take ourselves so seriously?

Now, make it a great day! I mean it. Smile.