Rick and Erica

3 05 2009


Any guesses where I was this Saturday? That’s right… a wedding.

Life is so cool. My first job in the film industry was in 1993 as an extra on Matlock!! I met this young man from Connecticut named Rick. He was a fellow Yankee here in the south and I took to him right away. He was a production assistant and he gave us back ground workers our instructions. Over the years, he has become an assistant director and I have become a hair stylist for film and television.

We have worked on a few of the same productions over the years. On my recent job, I met Rick’s fiancee, a very cute young lady named Erica. She was working as a stand in so I saw her almost every day on the set of One Tree Hill. I have to say that I was very happy when she asked if I would be interested in doing her head for her wedding.


I used 2 different size curling irons to get texture to the curls and waves. We teased the top, smoothed it over and rolled back the sides then criss-crossed the sides in the back. Three bobbie pins held the hair together in back and we placed the veil on top of the criss-cross to hang down her back.


It was a beautiful wedding.

Ed stayed at home by himself for the first time since his surgery. I had my phone on me at all times, just in case. He was fine. I brought home some steak and cheese subs for lunch AND turtle sundaes for desert. Food is my stress relief.



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