Secret Shopper and B.A.R.F.

16 04 2009

My 14 year old Walker Hound has been having some nasty health issues. She would have diarrhea at least 4 days a week. She stopped eating to the point where we could count every rib just looking at her. She had no energy, poor thing. I tried everything, adding canned chicken or salmon to her food. I even changed her diet to cooked chicken and rice (time consuming and expensive). The chicken and rice would get her regular again but no matter how much I fed her, she could not put the weight back on. She looked like she was being severely neglected and yet I was doing everything within my power and knowledge to help her.

The worst thing was just watching her lay around so lethargic. When Daisy was a pup, she loved to run and she was very enthusiastic and strong. To see her lay in her bed and not even get excited when we held her leash out to her as we offered her a walk was just pitiful. She would just lay there looking at us as if to say, “No thanks. Not up to taking a walk today.” Sadly, I began to think that old age was just taking it’s toll on her and she probably would die in the next six months.

A friend told me about this product and I am a believer!! Go check out Carol’s website. Tell her Coni sent you.

Carol is local and she will deliver to your house if you need her to. 

I started both dogs on the B.A.R.F. diet. That is Biologically Approved Raw Food. To my delight, Daisy ate it right away. I didn’t have to trick or entice her with any added goodies. She sniffed it, walked around the kitchen a couple of times, went back to her bowl and ate the food. When it was time for her second feeding, she was sitting at the “Hey Human, I am hungry!” spot. With no hesitation, she wolfed down her second helping of BARF. 

Within days, her stool stopped running and became normal. Who else talks about poop but animal lovers and Mommies? If you have been either, you know how disturbing it is when your “baby” is irregular.

We have been feeding our 2 year old beagle mix, Bella, and our senior grande Dame, Daisy, the raw food diet for about 10 weeks now. Daisy has put on weight. She loves to go for her walks again and even has a little bounce in her step. She has even gone for short runs on her leash. There is a light in her eyes and a shine on her coat. I don’t suspect that she is on her death bed anymore. I am excited to see if we can get another few years of enjoyment out of her. 



Bella is happy to be along for the ride. She is healthy and sassy and young. I believe that she is benefitting from this diet as well and expect that eating so well now will increase her years too.



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