Great day for a snake burning.

13 04 2009


We turned a corner today. Ed has been bleeding and oozing from his stitches since his second surgery on March 31st. When I changed his bandage today, there was not a drop of anything on them. Hallelujah!!! This was a great start to our Easter Sunday. We spent a quiet, restful morning at home. 

I had just put some sweet potatoes in the oven when our neighbor, Tim, knocked on the door. He and his wife wanted to bring 2 plates of dinner over for me and Ed. Who am I to dash their dreams?  After accepting their offer, I went in to wake Ed from his nap. I set up a table and chairs on our back patio and we had a lovely lunch in our beautiful back yard. With empty plates in front of us, I kicked my chair back and teased with Ed saying, “Hm. I wonder who will bring us a desert.”  A few minutes later, Mary came out to our table with a plate of two deserts. A good laugh and a great meal!!! I love our neighbors.

They had an Easter egg hunt in their yard after dinner and we watched the children run around and collect candy and eggs. So cute!


Tamara had a BIG day and she was tired at the end of her egg hunt.


She was still sweet enough to turn and wave good bye.


There were some beautiful butterflies visiting our azaleas. I love taking pics like this.

The most thrilling part of our day happened when, at the end of the egg hunt, Mary  saw a snake on top of a pile of  branches and clippings that have been waiting since last summer to be burned. The snake turned out to be a watermocassin.  We are never happy to find these around our yards. Tim and his brother in law, Paul, decided now is the time to burn this pile down. They borrowed our snake killing hoe from my shed and I dragged my hose over to their yard to help contain the burn.


We all kept our eyes pealed for the snake to come out of the burning pile so Paul could chop him up with the hoe. Yes, I said it. Chop him up! We all agreed that the only good watermocassin is a dead one! Tim says there are only 2 kinds of snakes; dead ones and those that are going to be dead ones. Some one else once said they don’t like live snakes, dead snakes or sticks that look like snakes. I agree with all the above.


Especially when you have children and dogs. The peanut gallery watched from the safety of the window as, one by one, SEVEN snakes attempted to escape their fate. Paul and our trusty hoe had other plans. Snake barbeque.

I will still enjoy my garden in the back yard, I am just reminded to look before rummaging under any of my shrubs.



One response

13 04 2009

Wow! I’d say that was quit the way to end the day. 7 snakes…yikes! Glad they are all dead and everyone is safe from their deadly bites.


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