Everything old is new again

3 04 2009

Ed has got to come up with some news ideas for date night. We will spend this Friday date night in room 202 at Cape Fear Hospital. We have done this before… recently. Same hotel, different room.

Tuesday was going to be our “do nothing” day at the house. He had been home for almost a week and was making some very good progress with in home therapy. We both needed to catch our breath, so to speak.

We set Ed up in the back bedroom because it is closest to the bathroom with the high handicap toilet. A necessity for a patient recovering from a broken hip. I have a baby monitor in his room and my room so I can hear him if he needs anything. Well, I heard him alright. Very early; dark o’clock: I heard the crash and the cry. I do not even remember flying to his room to find him face down on the floor. Oh My Gosh Not Again!!!! He said he didn’t think he broke anything this time and he just wanted to get up. Then I saw the blood oozing from his hip. CRAP! The room began to get hazy and my head was buzzing. Don’t you even think about fainting ,I told myself. I grabbed onto both sides of the door jamb and told him to push the 911 alert necklace. Of course, he said he didn’t need an ambulance. When he looked at the blood he changed his mind and pushed the button. He insisted on standing up. Holding onto his walker, he managed to rise to his feet with my help. That caused the blood to pour down his leg from the gaping wound where he burst his incision… WIDE open. Gross. About 4 inches of his incision was open. Yeah, see down to the bone open.

I grabbed the kitchen chair and sat down, forcing myself to take slow steady breaths. EMTs arrived, bandaged him up and put him in the ambulance. I followed to Cape Fear Hosp. Poor guy. 

The surgeon who did the hip replacement was called and he came to put Humpty Dumpty together again. Nothing broken or dislodged, praise God. My Pastor’s wife stayed with me the whole day and then came back to the house with me to help me clean up the blood. Our friends, the Klings, also hung with us ’til the surgery was over and got me something to eat.

His blood pressure has been extremely low while in hospital and we are suspecting that is what is caused him to fall both times. They are keeping him until they can stabilize the BP. He will not go to rehab this time. We both think he will do well at home with some more home health aid. Rehab was not a happy experience for him. I almost lost my religion a couple of times there. At any rate, we have to find out what is causing the falls and remedy that situation. Then we will take baby steps at getting well again.

So… happy Spring.



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