A few set backs…

13 03 2009

The EMTs wanted to give Ed a pain reliever before they tried to move him. Dilaudad. (sp) 

Most of our friends know that Ed and I both had severe problems with drugs and alcohol in our younger days. One of the most severe addictions Eddie had to overcome was an habit on Dilaudad. He refused the shot they offered him. With much anguish- remember he had already been lying on the floor for about 2 hours at this point- they managed to maneuver him onto a stretcher. When the EMTs got him into the ambulance they convinced him that it was going to be a bumpy ride and it would be a good idea for him to take the shot. He agreed.

By the time I reached the emergency room where they had him, he was still in a lot of pain. They gave him another shot of something, maybe more dilaudad, and he began to loosen up. Oh yeah, I  mean REALLY loosen up. His eyes rolled back in his head and remained open. Creepy, but he was not moaning in pain anymore. This is where I had to step up to the plate and make the decisions for his well being. This is when the Mama Bear spirit in me began to stir. Ex-rays revealed a broken hip, actually it was the ball in his hip joint. He needed a partial hip replacement. 

Of course, we wanted them to do it as soon as possible and the surgeon on call was ready and willing to do the surgery right then and there. They began to run some standard tests. It became evident that Ed’s lungs were not getting enough oxygen due to the emphysema and the fact that they had him so drugged that he was hardly breathing at all. His blood platelets were also extremely low due to a liver disease he has had for some 40 years. This was not looking good. His liver doctor had put him on extra blood pressure medication to keep his BP very low and now that became another factor in deciding if Ed was strong enough to undergo surgery. The doctor advised that we try to stabilize all those things before surgery. None of us had any idea that would take 4 days! Surgery was scheduled each day and was bumped each day. All the while, they tried to keep my love “comfortable”. For 4 days, he could barely finish a sentence before he would nod of to la-la land … again. During this time his body began to twitch and jump involuntarily. His liver was not removing certain gases from his body. I spent my days and nights beside him. I was so distraught that I could barely pray.

Thank God for faithful friends and family who were praying for Ed. My first phone call was to my Pastor at 6AM while on my way to the hospital. I actually called his wife because I had her number in my cell phone. I left a message telling them what hospital we were going to. About the time that I realized I was going to be responsible for making some very heavy decisions, Jennifer arrived at the ER. What a blessing. Oh… did I mention that Jennifer has a nursing back ground? She does. Did I mention that she just happens to work at this hospital? I didn’t know it at the time, but, she does. It was such a blessing to have her calming influence there and to know that our Pastor was also on his way.

… there is more to this epic.



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