Ten life lessons from a broken hip

7 03 2009

This has been a very pleasant Saturday morning. My alarm went off at 6:30 AM. The plan was for me to get to rehab early enough to help Ed get cleaned up before his rehab exercises. He called me at 7:30 and told me not to rush up there because he was doing fine by himself. Oh yeah baby!!! I think he is beginning to turn the corner on this thing. As long as he is comfortable with doing things by himself, I am staying out of the way. I have learned some things through this test.  Here are ten things in random order.

  1. It makes me crazy to see my husband in pain.
  2. Good friends are a blessing from the Lord.
  3. Being in the hospital is horrid to me.
  4. Although we have had some very good nurses, we have also had some that passed nursing school with a C-.
  5. There is a time and a place for stubbornness.
  6. Ed can push himself further than he thinks he can. Makes me realize I can too.
  7. It is very hard to read a book in a hospital room.
  8. Stress will knock 2 pounds off of me in 2 days.
  9. My heart really does leap in my chest when I see my husband.
  10. Taking things one step at a time is essential in a time of crisis.

There are more life lessons that have come from this experience but these 10 will suffice for now.

Life is good. God is great. Friends and family are priceless.

Ciao for now.



2 responses

8 03 2009

I’m so glad he’s improving. You are in my thoughts.


9 03 2009

Losing two pounds is good! Not worth the price, of course, but good. Sort of like the free toothpaste they give you when you go to the dentist.

Love you, love Ed. Hang in there.


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