Angels unaware.

28 02 2009

How did it get to be Saturday night already? And who would ever believe that I am heading to bed before 10 PM? 

Before I turn in for the night, I just want to say that I am so grateful for the friends and family that are keeping us lifted up during this madness. I really am too tired to make sense tonight so I will not even attempt to name people. Family members, church family and friends from all over have called or visited the hospital or left encouraging notes here and on Face Book. Every chicken soup that has been brought for Ed and every Vanilla latte for me has meant more than I can tell you.

Ed and I are truly blessed. I am constantly reminded that we are the apple of God’s eye. When I can’t think or pray, God puts someone else in our paths to remind us of Who we  belong to. This morning, I went to the cafeteria to get my oatmeal and coffee to bring up to Ed’s room so we could have breakfast together. I met a lady there who just began to tell me how good God is and that He has everything in control. We did not know each other. She never met Ed. She just asked me if I had a friend in the hospital and I told her it is my husband. We walked to the elevator together and spoke of God’s power and His love. I thanked her and got on the elevator. She continued on to the front door of the hospital and we never even asked each others name. We didn’t need to know names. We knew that we are both in the family of a God Who loves us and knows exactly what we need. That makes us kin.

I am hitting PUBLISH and going to bed.



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