could be worse

26 02 2009

It has been one week today since my honey fell and broke himself. Just a quick update. Ed is doing well. He has been out of bed once today and sat in a chair for about 2 hours. It is very painful for him to get up and move but he is getting the hang of it. He has a bunch of staples on his hip, I haven’t counted them yet, and a huge bruise all around the staples. It hurts just to look at it but the surgeon is quite pleased with everything.

Ed was doing so well that the doctors said he could be moved out of ICU on Weds. morning. The thing is that there are no rooms available to move him to and so we are in a holding pattern in the small, glass cubicle that is Intensive Care. Today, I am trying to accept that God must have a reason for us being there. It could be worse (although my claustrophobia is driving me nearly nuts!!!!)

Thank God for good friends who have been so thoughtful and helpful through it all. What a blessing during a crazy hard time.

Ed has a lot of hard work to do in order to recover well. No funny stories about him today. I am too tired to be funny.



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27 02 2009
Lori Capace

Continuing to pray, knowing that God sees the bigger picture. I just wish sometimes he’d give us a little more explanation, but then again we might not want to know. Some times the less we know the better.
Love you guys lots! Hurry up Ed, get better!


27 02 2009

We have been praying for you and Ed. So glad he was able to have the surgery, so glad he is able to sit up again, so glad that your beautiful marriage can go on for many more years…

Love you guys,


27 02 2009

I know you are finally in a room now but I was gonna tell you if your Clastrophobia kicks in just close your eyes and remember me the first time you colored my hair and about the time you were half way through i told you I was feeling clastrophobic…it still makes me laugh.


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