Hip, hip hooray!!!

23 02 2009

Surgery a success today!!!!! God has blessed us. The doctor was pleased with the outcome of Ed’s partial hip replacement. Ed was still pretty drugged up when I left the hospital tonight. He is in ICU where they are monitoring his every breath. I decided to use this opportunity to come home and sleep in my own bed once again.

Just before I left the ICU, he awoke long enough to look at me and say, “Oh hi! I am pretty impressed that this medicine is not making me groggy at all.” He then proceeded to scratch his nose on top of the oxygen mask that covers his nose and mouth, laid his head back on the pillow and softly snored his way back to dream land.

Lord, I love that man.



5 responses

23 02 2009

We are glad to hear that Ed’s surgery went well and will continue to pray for a very speedy recovery! We love you guys!


24 02 2009
Rachel Rowell

I am SO glad that the surgery went well and Ed is recovering well as of now. I know it’s a huge weight off of you to at least have that part of it behind him.

So funny how the medicine wasn’t making him groggy at all huh? I’m sure it gave you a little chuckle. šŸ™‚ Love you and have been thinking and praying for you guys. [BIG HUG!!!!]


24 02 2009
Rachel Rowell

BTW……LOVE the title of this post. I just noticed it. So cute.


24 02 2009

That made me laugh out loud…and that doesn’t happen often. I can just picture him doing that and can almost invision your expression when he closed his eyes and headed back to la la land.


25 02 2009

Too Funny… Does he try to be so cute and funny or does it come naturally… I am glad he is doing well and sounds like he is in no pain at the moment…Do you know what made him dizzy and caused him to fall?


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