Poor Ed

20 02 2009

So, here is a heads up. On Thursday morning, Ed got out of bed, got dizzy, fell on the floor and broke his left hip. EMTs came and put him in an ambulance. I told them I would follow in the car. Ed yelled to me, “Bring my shoes. I am not staying in the hospital! I am coming home.”

He is so cute.

One of the EMTs turned to me and quietly said, “I don’t know how stubborn your husband is… but I don’t think he is going to need those shoes. He is acting just like his hip is broken.”


EMT = 10 points for being right

Ed = 100 points for being cute

Ed is still in the hospital on this Friday evening. We are hoping for surgery on Sunday.



2 responses

21 02 2009
Lori Capace

My family is praying! We love you guys!


22 02 2009

Oh yikes! I hope he heals quickly and well.


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