Fabulous Sunday

15 02 2009

It feels like forever since I have posted. Work on One Tree Hill has taken up all my creative time except for Saturday, which I spend creating beauty and funkiness in my studio. 

I have carved out a piece of this fabulous Sunday to drop in and say that I am getting back on course.

I began the day at Rock Church, dressed in my red and white, valentine love colors. A couple of weeks ago our music leader asked me to sing a Van Morrison song with the band (the Rock Church band is killer!) for Valentines Day. I said yes right away even though I wasn’t so sure I could pull this one off. This is just the kind of challenge I enjoy. So, this morning, I sang Crazy Love and I sang with the praise team. I had a blast! The congregation seemed to enjoy Crazy Love too as we made it a love song about Jesus. “He gives me love, love, love, love, crazy love!” I truly think I am the happiest when I am singing about Jesus and His amazing love. An added blessing was the fact that someone I invited actually came today… and she brought a friend with her. Then, after service, I stayed to rehearse for next Sunday’s service. We are pulling some oldies out of the vault. I am really excited about next week too.

So, to wrap it all up;  I woke up and went to church to sing about Jesus’ love, sat with my husband, had the joy of seeing a friend at church, heard an inspiring message about Jesus’ love, sang some more about Jesus’ love, came home for lunch with Ed and made time to write something. What a fabulous Sunday so far.

Now, I am heading back to church for my small group meeting. We have a Biggest Loser group where we encourage each other to take better care of our bodies, work out and weigh in together. I don’t even mind the weighing in part because nobody has anything negative or embarrassing to say about anyone’s weight. We all have different life circumstances and the main object is to get healthy, not necessarily skinny. Although, we will be quite happy if skinny accompanies healthy. 😉 Today, we will work out with Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser. Oh yeah, bring it on.

I love Sundays!!!!



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