Army Wives new season 3

8 02 2009

I am excited for my friends over at Army Wives. They begin their third season and I am still a fan of the show. One of the things I really appreciate about the show is that they put some of their money where their mouth is. You will see info-mercial type excerpts of the cast giving special things to either some of the wives or to the soldiers who are returning from over seas. The creator of the show was an Army brat and so she has an insight into some of the needs of the families who support their soldiers and sacrifice along with them. She has a generous heart and the means by which to make a difference. I love stuff like that.

OK, now, onto the hair styles. I am loving Catherine Bell and   Kim Delaney’s hair although my personal opinion is that Kim’s hair was just a bit too long at the end of last season. Catherine is one of my favorite people on the planet anyway. Just had  to throw that in here. My other favorite person on the show is Sally Pressman. Love her but not crazy about her hair last season. She is so petite and so pretty that it is very easy to make her look like a little Barbie doll. You can NOT make her look bad no matter what , so I am not saying that she looked bad, just too done for my liking. Wendy Davis looked fabulous. Brigid Branaugh looked a bit too done for my liking too. Her character doesn’t do housework and she doesn’t cook. That leaves a lot of room for imperfect hair for her. Not messy, just not perfect.

The men are just a bunch of good looking guys with Army haircuts. They look great. What else is there for a hair stylist to say about them? lol.

Now, keep in mind that I may be a bit opinionated because in season one, I did the hair of all these ladies except for Kim. AND I am totally jealous that I was not able to return for season two. It was pretty cool to be a part of this series and I feel like I still have some friends on the set there. I hope I did not make any enemies just now by making my thoughts known. It wouldn’t be the first time my big mouth got me in trouble.



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