Ed and Coni’s excellent adventure

18 01 2009

We have started doing date nights again. After 26 years of marriage it became a challenge to find something new and interesting to do. Ah, but I was up to the task this week. I told him that I had our Saturday night date all planned but it was a secret. I am not usually good at keeping secrets from Ed. As he tried to worm the surprise out of me, I gave him a hint. This special night would be something we have never done before and he would never guess in a million years.
I cooked us a nice dinner and we were in the car by 7 PM. I drove him around town and through some side streets until we arrived at the Armory next to Legion Stadium.

This is scotty Sabre flying through the air. He is one of my co-workers and he is following his dream. He is a wrestler and this is his first bout in a while. A whole gang of folks from One Tree Hill came to his event to support him. Ed was shocked when we walked in the door. There must have been 50 folks, actors, producers, crew members all there screaming for Sabre.These guys slammed each other all over the ring and a couple of times on the concrete floor outside of the ring. I was screaming my head off the whole time. We had the best time.
Scotty won his bout against his opponent who, by the way, had a very impressive looking belt and who was quite impressed with himself.
I don’t think I will have a voice left in the morning.



One response

20 01 2009

You are too much!
Apparently 26 yrs. of marriage has produced creative dating AND an incredibly high sense of security for Dad – as Brian was quick to point out that if I ever suggested going to an event where the men were more muscular & less dressed it would not be well received 😉

Love you guys!


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