11 01 2009


Ernesto is a very talented set designer for films. He is originally from South America. A strapping, handsome young man. I had the pleasure of working with him on a movie that has yet to be released, titled Patriotville.

I met Ernesto in the office. I was looking for a photo printer and he had one in his office. A set designers office holds a myriad of interesting  paraphernalia and this office did not disappoint. He had a kisssing booth, a traffic light, a life size stand up of a clown, etc, etc. There were goofy signs and practical jokes all around the office. As I looked around I began to chuckle at some of these things. Ernesto started in a rant with a charming South American accent. “I am working with monkeys” As I laughed he got more animated. “Is no joke. I am working with monkeys. Look at this place. They are all monkeys. ”

My good friend Jennifer (the one who makes me laugh more than anyone else I know) heard this line and together, we made this our mantra for the rest of the shoot. So, whenever I see monkeys, I think of Ernesto and Jennifer. 

The other night I took this photo with my cell phone and sent it to Jennifer. Of course, I added the phrase, “I am working with monkeys” and it was true. I was at work. I love my job.



One response

12 01 2009

Ah! I love me a sock monkey! Just made one for the 7 yr. old next door for Christmas – complete with a super-monkey cape.
I too work with monkeys! Thanks for lightening things up for me

Love you!


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