Fasting and praying

9 01 2009

I just spent $275 buying groceries! Yikes!
I return to work on Monday. I have begun a Daniel fast on Jan. 1st so I can get over the first few days before going into an atmosphere where my meals are made for me. Although our caterers treat me well by making some choices available just for me, I cannot expect them to provide a Daniel fast menu for me. So I got some menus from Pastor Brian’s blog and used them to create my food shopping list. My plan is to spend a good deal of time cooking up some of the recipes tomorrow so I can bring them to work with me next week. The Daniel fast consists of fruits and vegetables, juices and some grains and it lasts for 21 days. Several folks in my church will be fasting together as we seek direction for our lives. Most of them will start on Jan. 11 but I thought I had a better shot at this thing by getting a couple of days under my belt before returning to work.

I wish I could describe the purpose of a fast with out sounding like some kind of pious knuckle head. I’m not, I don’t think. I am just a regular person who has a relationship with God. I believe that God has a purpose and a plan for my life and I need to be in tune with Him so I am not wandering off the course of His plan. Too often, I clog my mind up with extemporaneous stuff that goes on in my life. A good cleansing of body and mind are necessary every once in a while.
While I am fasting, I will find time to read my Bible. God speaks to me most often from His word.
I was recently challenged by one of our leaders to “think outside the box.” I had to chuckle as I thought, “I had no idea how “outside of my box” I would have been ever since I asked Jesus into my life some 27 years ago.” And yet, I am taking the challenge. I am thinking outside the box, more and again. Thinking and praying.

I want to be useful to the Kingdom of God. I desire to see people who are as messed up as I was come to the realization that God is not mad at them. That He loves them to a degree that humans cannot comprehend. But whether or not we understand doesn’t change the fact. He loves us. It thrills my heart to see broken people begin to get mended and live useful lives because they turn their broken pieces over to the One who can create beauty from ashes. I don’t want to trick anyone into asking Jesus into their lives. It doesn’t work that way. I am tired of phonies and liars. I work in the film industry for Heaven”s sake, I see enough of that crap. What I have been gifted with is REAL. My life has made the most amazing 360 degree turn that anyone could ever hope or think of. That is because I turned my life over to my Savior and He is making it right. That is why I share my testimony. When I moved here from Massachusetts I could have hidden my past quite easily. I did not have to tell people that I had been an alcoholic, drug addict, unfit mother and on and on. I was a singer. I was a Gospel singer. I knew how to fit into a church by the time I arrived here. But I didn’t want to play church. I still don’t want to play. My heart actually leaps each Sunday that some one raises their hand to pray and ask Jesus to forgive their past and guide their future. Because, I know a little bit of what is in store for them and it is marvelous. God is the God of the second chance. And the third and fourth if need be. I am honored to be a part of a church that tells the truth about who God is and what He has done out of His amazing love.
This is the God I want to hear from. This is the God I must hear from.



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