pondering and pinochle

1 01 2009


Happy New Year 2209.

As you can see, I am still learning  how to use my new camera. Haven’t quite figured it all out and I did not have much time to get this shot right since it was taken as the ball dropped and the first moment of 2009 began. I was hoping to have a clear shot of the TV screen showing the festivities in Times Square as we rung in the new year. The important thing is that Ed and I are together and we are with our best friends, Glenn and Nancy. We left a hot game of pinochle on the table so we could celebrate the magic moment. A new era has begun. I feel it is my duty to inform you that when we returned to the game, The girls WON by a landslide!!!! Woohoo, watch out boys, we are on a roll.

Here are some things that changed our lives in 2008:

  • Ed retired.
  • I worked on my favorite project so far. We Shall Remain airs on PBS in April 2009.
  • I was mistakenly diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. (Tell me that won’t shake up your world.)
  • Had a colonoscopy. Yep, life changing.
  • Made a decision to be more selective in the jobs I take. Family first.
  • Learned yet another lesson about trying to help people.
  • Gained 10 pounds.

Next post might be about things that I PLAN to change in 2009.

Peace out.



One response

5 01 2009
Cindy Szewczyk

Some of my mostest favoriteist people in this world!! Love you guys! Happy New Year!!


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