Daisy Dukes

29 12 2008

Do dogs suffer senility? Cause, I’m thinking Daisy is going in that direction.
Yesterday, Ed and I took the Christmas tree down and put all the ornaments in the large box that I store them in. I lost the top for the box years ago so I use a folded red tablecloth to keep the ornaments dust-free for the year. As I [placed the tablecloth on top of the box, Daisy walked over to the box and began to climb onto it. I think she thought it was a bed.
Well, she is a thirteen year old walker hound so Ed just commented about her going senile. She doesn’t hear so well and she forgets to eat. I have to coax her to her dish and hand feed her the first nugget before she realizes she needs to eat.

Daisy is the white dog in the post below.
Today, Ed had the front door partially opened and Daisy walked out the door. She took herself on the short route around our cul-de-sac and back to the house as Ed caught up with her. He said she never even knew that she wasn’t on the leash.

I love my dogs. I just hope she doesn’t forget who we are.



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