Secret holiday Shopper

27 12 2008

Yesterday was a fun day. I had a relaxing morning, slept late, got a cup of coffee and sat on my couch with my Bible and my dog. My favorite mornings start out lke this. I lift the living room shades so that I can see the huge Leland spruce out front that I have named The Bird Hotel. Cardinals are my favorite birds to see. So, while I am reading and praying I can glance out the window and sometimes I see a bright red male cardinal perched among the green branches of the bird hotel tree. Yeah, really it doesn’t take much to entertain me.
One of my girlfriends invited a few of us to her house for a noon time tea. It was a really sweet time of fellowship with some of the ladies that I am most comfortable with in this world.


I love hanging with folks that I can just be myself with. I tend to be a little goofy on occassion and lots of times, people just don’t get my humor. Heck, sometimes I don’t even get it, but it doesn’t matter with these girlfriends. We just love each other where we are at. I am very grateful to have friends like this in my life. We shared much laughter and love and good snacky food.
When I left them, I went to a couple of stores to see what kind of sales were going on. I found a cute blouse and slacks for under thirty dollars at Belks. The Mayfaire store was not too crowded and the clothes racks were easy to sift through to find my sizes and favorite colors. There were plenty of cashiers open so I didn’t have to stand in long lines to make my purchase. I don’t like to shop where the racks have all different sizes in one section because no one has taken time to organize the items that get shopped through. I usually leave that store with a slight head ache and no purchase. So, Belk at Mayfair gets a Secret Shopper thumbs up with a score of 10. This is the first perfect score I have given.
When I got back to my car, I checked my twitter messages. (If you don’t know what Twitter is, check out It’s free.) One of the folks I follow sent me an invitation to join them for dinner. After checking with Ed I called them and confirmed. So… off we go to eat again. I got a really good chicken piccata with angel hair pasta. The portions were so large that I ate half and took home the rest, enough for another whole meal. It was the first time that we had gone out with this couple outside of a group and I must say, two hours flew by. Good food, good conversation and some laughter. AND, a really good tiramisu for desert. The restaurant is Antonios in Porters Neck. It is right beside the old Kiva Grill. The ambiance is lacking, it is quite loud which made it a little difficult to hear each other but the food is worth it. I think the prices were pretty decent too although we never saw the check. Our friends picked up the tab for us. Merry Christmas again. 🙂
Antonios food was excellent but the waiter was off by just a little. He brought the check without ever offering desert. Of course, we fixed that situation right away. He made up for that by brewing us a fresh pot of decaf coffee. All in all, Secret Shopper would have to give Antonio’s a 9.



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29 12 2008


Just surfing the site and found all of this wonderful info. So good to read about all that is going on in your life.

You and Eddy have been on my mind. How is Eddy doing? We were at the Rock one Sunday and saw him go out and my heart quickened for him. I pray all is well.

Keep up the blogging.

Looking forward to hearing more about your busy life.




29 12 2008

What a pleasant surprise Johanna. So glad you stopped by and left a comment. We miss you guys! Keep praying for Ed. We all need it. 😉


31 12 2008
Cindy Szewczyk

Ok, I actually shed a tear seeing the picture of you and Nancy and Vickie. You all are some of my favorite people!! I am really thankful for all of you!



31 12 2008

Awww, thanks Cindy. I always feel good when I see you. We sure have shared some special growing time over the years. It is hard to believe how grown up the children are. I stay in touch a little through good old FB.
Love you.


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