Holidays and food!

25 12 2008

It is Christmas morning! A little after 6:30 and my turkey has been in the oven for one hour already! My dogs have not even gotten out of their beds to greet me yet! My sweet hubby prepared the coffee maker with one cup of coffee for me to brew when I got up. My thought was that I would have a cup while I was making my stuffing and getting the bird in the oven and then go back to bed for an hour or two while it cooked. Hmm. Coffee… sleep… bed. One of these things just doesn’t belong here. I wish I had music notes to put around that sentence. I hope all of you Mommies out there are thinking Sesame Street right now. Anyway—- here I am, wide awake, in the back bedroom and posting from my Mac!
I am reminded of past Christmas mornings. Getting up early to start food preparations. Cannoli and coffee for breakfast. Celery stuffed with cream cheese and olives and dates stuffed with walnuts, then rolled in sugar for treats while we smelled the turkey cooking. Opening presents together then putting on the new clothes and cleaning up for dinner. Watching the Macy’s parade on tv. Eating a feast and then falling asleep on the couch only to wake up still stuffed but somehow feeling the need to eat a Cape Codder sandwich. That is turkey (of course), cold stuffing, cranberry sauce, mayo, salt and pepper on the bread of your choice. Geesh. No wonder people join Weight Watchers in January.
Merry Christmas with love to all.



6 responses

25 12 2008

Merry Christmas! Thanks for being part of my sobriety in 2008.


25 12 2008

Merry Christmas Mr. Ed & Ms. Coni!


25 12 2008

Merry Christmas Non. Wish I was gonna be there to enjoy that turkey! Also, I didn’t know you had a mac, I just got one from Santa and need some serious help! I love it, but I have a lot to learn. Hope Santa Ed was good to you…


25 12 2008

This sounds so much like Michael’s family. I sure could go for a connoli right now.
Merry Christmas!!!


26 12 2008
Rachel Rowell

mmmmmm, making me hungry and I just spent a whole day overeating. Hope you and Ed’s Christmas was wonderful Coni! I love ya and will see you soon. [insert hug] ❤


29 12 2008

sort of reminds me of the morning our neighbors got a go-cart. They obviously didn’t observe the “don’t leave your room until the sun is up” rule, because they were roaring up and down the dirt road beside our house at 4:30 a.m. We gave up at 5 and started making breakfast. I didn’t know Christmas could come so early!!


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