Christmas vacation

20 12 2008

What a week! I am soooo happy to be on a 2 week break from work. Today, I spent the better part of the morning doing hair cuts and hair color in my studio. I love working at my own pace and creating. Now, I am waiting for Pam, one of my friends, to come by the house, I was supposed to meet her for sushi but got tied up in a fun haircut for another of my sassy friends and had to call her at the last minute. Pam is such a good friend that she is coming to the house so we can exchange Christmas gifts. AND she is bringing me some sushi.

I love me some sushi!photo-5

Insert angels singing a joyful sushi song here!

As you can see, I am learning to use my Mac. teehee



4 responses

20 12 2008

…and a fun haircut it is! Thank you for the artist you are! Sassy… hmmm… is that another curve in my cane? lol!!!


22 12 2008

I wonder if that is how Daisy & Bella see you.
Have fun with your new mac – I’ve heard they have great video & graphics abilities.


23 12 2008

Now that’s a friend!

The pix of you made me chuckle! – there’s no telling what other kind of creative things will come from that Mac and you!


23 12 2008
Rachel Rowell

HAHA! You’re so funny. You and Ed have a wonderful Christmas. Love you.

p.s. i’m really jealous of you and your mac 😉


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