love ’em where they’re at

12 12 2008

I am happily at home after a long week of work. I heard the f… word more times this week than I can count. Seriously!!! I even dreamed some of the curse words that I heard this week. Although I make it a point not to complain about the swearing around me, some of the crew guys that I have worked with for years will apologize to me if they see me with in ear shot of whatever just flew out of their mouths. Most times, I just shake my head and walk away. It is just the nature of the business to hear a bunch of garbage on sets.
Today, I tried to walk away from the offensive language  and it seemed like every corner I turned someone else  was vociferously using the f… word. Blech! Finally, I looked to heaven and asked God what I am supposed to be doing and why am I here. The question reminded me of something that Bill Hybels wrote about when he was in a similar situation.

Bill said;

“I find myself thinking, ‘What am I doing here? The voices are loud, the language is foul, the egos are out of control. Why am I here?’ And often I hear the Holy Spirit say to me, “You are building bridges. You are establishing trust. You are laying the ground work for future conversations that might happen a year from now. You are doing the kind of thing that Jesus did.”

Well, alrighty then.



One response

13 12 2008

yep! and if only it was easier.

love ya


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