It’s CHRISTmas people

7 12 2008

One of our local elementary schools is going through the nonsense that the holidays bring out in people.
The HOLIDAY ( also known as HOLY day) referred to here is Christmas. It is not Mohamed-mas. It is not Buddha-mas. It is not Wikka-mas, Spirit of the wind-mas, Protestant-mas, Catholic-mas or even Christian-mas.

It is CHRISTmas people. This HOLY day has been dedicated to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the Babe in the manger, New born King, King of Kings, Messiah and Savior of the world. You do not have to celebrate this HOLY day if you do not believe that Jesus Christ was born to save the world from sin. There is NO law demanding that you must believe and celebrate and I am very grateful for that. There are some holidays that I do not celebrate either. It is my right NOT to. I, however, do not demand that these religions be banned from my sight or NOT be proclaimed within my hearing. I simply choose NOT to celebrate them. I respect the right of folks to celebrate Hanukka, Kwanzza, Ramadan or whatever their HOLYday might be.
That is why it is so difficult for me to understand why someone would raise a rucus about a song being sung at a HOLIday concert because it has the word Chrtistmas in it. Bet you want to know the offending song title. Any guesses?
You would never get this one in a million years. It is Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Yup, there is that offensive, religious phrase that goes like this: “…then one foggy Christmas eve…”


What other night would Santa Claus be seen out with his red nosed reindeer? Puh-lease! Clue phone, is it on???

The song was going to be removed from the line up because ONE parent protested the use of the song. Apparently many other parents thought this was ludicrous and raised their own voices. The verdict? The song remains, the offended parent has pulled their child out of the concert and the show will go on.

Stop the madness!!! Either celebrate CHRISTmas or don’t but do not take away MY rights to CHRISTmas. Or Santa’s. Or Rudolph’s.

Oh, by the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Love ya!



3 responses

7 12 2008

I am right there with you sister. I make it a point when I am at the stores and they say “Happy Holidays”. I say back,”Merry Christmas!” I dislike the fact that the “politically correct” want me to call a Christmas Tree a “Holiday” tree. Ain’t gonna happen!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! This is coming from the Messianic Jew!!! This is about our Lord and Savior! His name is Jesus Christ.


7 12 2008

Amen, amen, amen!!! I love you Sara (which means princess in Hebrew)


12 12 2008
Rachel Rowell

I’m with YOU!


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