A grateful heart

24 11 2008










This is my most favorite film project ever. We had the best time making this series of American Experience. I am glad it is Thanksgiving so I can post more pictures of We Shall Remain. Pilgrims. Wampanoag tribe. Massasoit.

Gratitude. There was a time in my first year of sobriety that I didn’t think I was going to make it. I was severely depressed. Everything out of my mouth was a complaint or a whine on it’s way to becoming a complaint.

One day, my sponsor told me I should sit down and make a list of things that I am grateful for. Really? Wasn’t she listening? My life was not even worth the breath it took to keep my body alive. I thought she had completely lost her mind! It had to be Divine interference that made do it. In fact, I remember asking my newly found Higher Power to help me find something to write down. An hour or so later, I called my sponsor back and I actually had a list to read to her.

Thirty one years later I have a different list. Here it is , in no particular order.

  • A real relationship with my Higher Power. I even know His name now. He is Jesus. (I just asked Him to help me with this list.)
  • Eddie. The light of my life and my best friend. He always has my back.
  • A healed relationship with my daughter. We are actually pretty good friends today.
  • Knowing that my Mother rests in Heaven because she made Jesus her Savior.
  • Knowing that my brother Lucky rests in Heaven because he made Jesus his Savior.
  • God actually uses me for His eternal purposes sometimes. WOW.
  • Extended family. Brother, sister, step children, grandchildren.
  • A few true friends.
  • A church family that loves people.
  • My Bible. I wouldn’t know how to live my life without its guide lines.
  • I have peace in my life. My mind is healed.
  • Forgiveness.
  • Several physical healings in my body.

That’s it for now. There are more and maybe I will add them later. For now, it is good to remember all of these. See, I am in a time of transition again. I am not sure of the direction I am going in but I have vowed that I will go where God leads me. He will give me whatever I need to accomplish what He has designed me to do. All I have to do is be willing. I am.



2 responses

26 11 2008

Indeed a grateful heart can do wonders! Happy Thanksgiving.


26 11 2008

Coni, I am thankful for you! I thank God He gave me the opportunity to get to know you and learn from you. I look forward to you and Ed coming for dessert on Thanksgiving. 🙂


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