writers block

18 11 2008

I have had this condition for days now and I am determined to break it tonight, so fasten yer seat belts cause I have no idea what’s coming.

Hey, What do you call a deer that has no eyes?

A no eyed deer.

What do you call a deer that has no eyes and no legs?

Still no eyed deer.

That is how scary it is in my head right now. A lot has been going on and I have been trying to make a decision about work. Starting last Friday, I began a full time job. It is a blessing to be working in this time of economic uncertainty and the schedule is not as grueling as some jobs I have had in the past. I am doing this on a trial basis until December 19th. If my boss is happy with me and I am still able to do it, I will continue working on this TV series until the spring. One day at a time. I am trying to bloom where I am planted.

That’s all I got.



2 responses

19 11 2008

I hate writer’s block! I appreciate that you gave it a shot anyway. That’s most of the battle. I hope things go the way you want them to or even better with the job!


19 11 2008

those jokes r amusing anyways


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