Thank God for co-incidence

9 11 2008

I am not in church this morning. This feels really weird. My ADD brain is spinning with thoughts are coming faster than I can think them through. It is like a roulette wheel, marked with thoughts, has been spun in my head. I am going to put on the brakes and stop on a random thought and make myself elaborate on it right now! Umm… right after I make myself a cup of tea. Be right back.

Friday afternoon I did something to my back. It started to hurt pretty bad but I still had one more shampoo, cut and blow dry to do. Common Sense told me to call my next client, who is also a pretty good friend, and tell her that I can’t do her hair. Ah but the Wonder Womanspirit who dwells in the recesses of my ADD brain, would not allow me to do it.

“Shut up, quit being a baby and do what you said you would do. Cut the hair and then rest.”

By Friday night, I could not stand up straight. The pain in my back and on my left side was all consuming. My posture looked like the haggard old witch who gave Snow White the lovely red apple. No comfort was to be found whether sitting, standing or laying on the couch. A couple of moments of relief came when I lay on the floor, on my back with my knees bent. I am still hanging on to a cough from the chest cold I had last week and coughing made me see stars!! “Oh look… stars.”

Poor Ed gets so upset when I am ill or in pain. He doted over me a little but he knows that I don’t like it so, he resigned himself to the computer room and got lost in writing his book. Smart Ed.

I used an ice pack on my back, took 3 Advil, shifted from walking from room to room, laying on the couch and laying on the floor, praying for Divine healing the whole time.

My chiropractor, Dr. Shaver, is not open on Saturday and Sunday but I called the office as soon as I got up on Saturday morning anyway. I left a message and figured they would try to work in me on Monday. To my delight, I got a call back from Sherry. She takes care of the front desk and does the scheduling. She told me it was a “coincidence” that she had to do something at the office on a Saturday but she got my message and had already called the doctor. He said that if I was in distress he would make a trip into town and open the office for me.

Wonder Woman started talking her smack to me again. “Don’t you dare impose on this man’s weekend! He has 5 children and this is his family time.” Thank God, Common Sense told her quite firmly to “shut up” and thumped her on her power banded forehead with a sound “I could have had a V-8” thump.

Ed drove me to the office to meet Dr. Shaver. I dressed in the back injury uniform; loose pants, slip on sandals and a tee shirt. The Dr. proceeded to tell me that it was a lucky coincidence that I found him at home. (I am loving these coincidences) He was supposed to be out of town for the weekend but cancelled at the last moment. He did his blessed magic on my skeleton and, viola, I was able to stand upright again. However, both he and Ed recommended that I do not go to the wedding on Saturday afternoon. Common Sense heartily agreed with them.

I am still in pain and following his instructions on this Sunday morning. Ice pack for 20 minutes a few times per day, do not sit still for too long (not that I could if I wanted too), walk a little bit to keep things loosened up.

Guess where I will be on Monday morning? Yep, at the Family Focus Chiropractic offices.



7 responses

9 11 2008

Yikes! I’m glad you’re feeling better. I try to greet big snow with this attitude, that sometimes life will MAKE me slow down.


9 11 2008

Glad I didn’t bring the girls by on Friday. We missed you today but I hope you get better soon.


9 11 2008

thanks Helen. All that beautiful hair would sure;y have killed me. LOL


9 11 2008

I am glad all those coincedences worked out for you. We missed you this
morning but I know that you’ll be back on your feet and running in no time.
Love you!


9 11 2008

Uh, there’s nothing like a back ache, so glad Daddy took care of the details and made a way for you to receive some relief. Rest, relax, read another good book and drink some tea. It’s ok not to be super woman for a few days, there’s enough of us out here to cover you while you recover. 🙂


10 11 2008

Praying for ya Coni! Take it easy!


13 11 2008

I am laughing so hard right now. Not laughing at your sad and painful situation, but just laughing because you are so darned funny. V8 thump…wonderwomans headband…I could go on forever. Anyways, I love the laughs and can’t wait to get one in person when we’re home for Christmas (Dec 12-16, right it down ADD girl!). LOVE you.


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