whisper, call, shout

2 11 2008

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. There is so much to look forward to, starting with going to church. I LOVE, LOVE singing at the Rock. Whether I am up on the platform or in a corner of the sanctuary facing the wall. That is MY time to fellowship with Jesus in a most intimate way. Most of the time, words do not come to me when I want to tell God how much I appreciate him. To be able to sing the words that someone else has written that convey my deepest heart is just incredible. It is deeply personal and, well, not to over use the word but, intimate. God is well aware of what is going on inside me at all times. The struggles I face, the fears, concerns, opportunities to choose from. He knows it all. You see me from the outside and really have no idea of what it looks like in my head. Lucky for you. 😉 I see you from the outside too. I don’t know if you are hurt or happy on the inside. We are all masters at masquerading our true heart of hearts in front of each other. But, God. He knows. He has the plan. He wants me to seek Him. He wants me to know the answers He has for me. So, when we sang a song this morning called Whisper His Name, He heard me whisper. Then, He heard me call. Then, He heard me shout. Not because I have a loud opera voice but because it was the cry of my heart. In the whisper, in the calling and in the shout of His Name my heart was speaking to His heart. He hears me and He understands me.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week because I am lead and inspired. But, He is ready to listen to me every day of the week, 24 hours a day, no matter where I am. He always shows up. Awesome.



2 responses

2 11 2008

Great post Coni. I know how you feel. Intimacy with the Father is what is important.


6 11 2008
Rachel Rowell

Amen!! And He HAS been showing up. And is IS awesome! I’m with you on Sunday being my fav. day of the week. I’ll love the whole service, but i’ll have to say worship is my fav. Lova ya!


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