Just so’s ya know

1 11 2008

Just so you know;

 I am really not all that hard to please in a restaurant. I happen to agree with Carolyn’s comment below that people seem oblivious and disconnected on the job. Part of that attitude is because the public (me and you) don’t hold our local businesses accountable to a higher standard. Or, in some cases, just a decent standard. Which is why I started a secret shopper post. In the process of owning and running a Mom and Pop cleaning business of our own, Ed and I have discovered that the best advertisement is word of mouth. Likewise, the worst advertisement can be word of mouth.

I have decided to post my opinions about the services I receive in all different public arenas. It will be my way of holding folks accountable. I am also becoming more bold in my inter-actions with the working people I come in contact with. (IE; asking for my proper change or speaking to the manager)

You never know who is watching and who is talking about their experiences with your place of business. So, shape up Wilmington businesses. I am watching and I am talking.

Ciao for now.



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