I don’t do sick

29 10 2008

I am not a good patient. My doctor must shudder when he sees me coming. My first response to any illness, be it a cold or a liver disease, is denial. Likewise, any medicine or ex-rays or procedures that are recommended are generally denied first. I hate ex-rays. Hate medicine, hate cat scans, hate hypodermic needles, IVs, dentists, follow up visits, etc, etc.

I caught some nasty coughing lung thingy last week and when I showed up for my regular 6 month check up, the doctor made it a focal point of my visit. I left the office with a prescription for Z-Pack, the three day antibiotic. Granted, I have been spewing up green stuff and hacking up a lung for a few days, but I hate antibiotics. I really tried to take it easy all day yesterday but found myself out and about doing a few errands and then cleaning house after the house cleaner had already been here for 2 1/2 hours. Seriously, ADD and OCD kick my butt sometimes. The Z-Pack upsets my stomach in a big way too so it would be lovely to just lie down and go to sleep for a while.

Instead, I will go to work at 2:30 this afternoon. That means I will not get home before midnight tonight. Hope I can make it through the whole night.

I did go to the chiropractor today and he adjusted me for the first time in a month. He also used a laser on me to help heal my sinuses and lungs. Then, I went to the herb store and bought some probiotics to replace the good stuff that the antibiotics kill.

Here is my thought for the day.

What does it look like if someone like me, ADD and OCD gets Alzheimer’s?

I know, weird thought but that’s what I have rolling around the old cranium today.

Ciao for now. Gotta go to work.



2 responses

2 11 2008

ooo!! oooo…. oooooo!!!!!
i know this one!

what was the question, again?

where am i – – and, who are you?

i’m going back to rearrange my…. bubbles!


2 11 2008

on a serious note…

wish i had read this yesterday. i could have asked how you were feeling. come to think of it i don’t think i even said hello to you this morning, sister. bad.

hope you are feeling better. in case you don’t know… i think you’re really great.


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