it’s what I do

28 10 2008

This is one of the wigs that came from my stock. I set and styled it and one of the other hair stylists decided to use it on this lovely lady.

 Hair rolls and curls and buns, oh my.

Jennifer Santiago, Susan Buffington and Joani Shay worked together on the hair to make the extras look so fine.

The 1940’s work is finished. The hair styles, make-up and wardrobe looked fabulous! What a talented team of workers. The stage set was great too. Doesn’t this last one look just like a night club out of the 40’s?

It was a lot of work, 65 and 1/2 hours in one week to be exact, but we had a great time executing these hairstyles and working with the wigs. I am glad that it is over for now and that we are happy with the results. There is a feeling of accomplishment that comes with wrapping a show like this one. Exhausted accomplishment.

So, that is a peek into my work world.



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