I love the Fall

26 10 2008

This is the beginning of our leaf peeping excursion. My girlfriend thought of everything! She packed food for us to cook in the crock pot, chips to snack on, pumpkin spice candle, and fall decorations. Me… um… I brought the pinochle cards. Oh yeah, and Ed. Friendship is such a blessing.

This is our cabin on the side of a mountain. It has a hot tub out on the back porch, a gas log fire place inside and plenty of glass doors and windows so we did not miss any of the beautiful Autumn scenery out there.


I don’t think this pic adequately displays just how scary this vertical driveway was. I would love to show you some pics of the winding road that led us to the scary, vertical driveway but that would have required me keeping my eyes open long enough to aim and shoot the camera. My eyes were squeezed shut every time we went up or down the mountain. I am such a wimp. Thank you Mr. Glenn for driving through the tight spots.

There were other beautiful scenes that I was brave enough to capture on my camera. We went to Maggie Valley and rode the ski lift to Ghost town which was closed for the most part, making it a virtual ghost town. hahaha. The temperature was cool and crisp and view was like a patchwork of muted greens, yellows and oranges.

The texture of these trees reminds me of a Berber carpet.

Ed on the ski lift.

A view from the porch.

Ed and Coni, Glenn and Nancy in the Smokey mountains.

Ed saw something on the travel channel that showed gem mining and he wanted to do it this year. On our one cold and rainy day, we took a long drive to Franklin and found a place that had a cover over the area where we panned for gems. We did it together and that is what made it nice plus we got some nice stones. It was great to get back to the cabin and light a fire that night.

We played pinochle and hung out with friends and enjoyed the beauty around us. It was a great 3 day vacation but there is no place like home. We were all quite happy to sleep in our own beds last night and to go worship in our own Churches this morning. It was a little tough dragging myself out of the bed this morning because I picked up a nasty little throat irritation and cough while I was away. BUT, Oh I am glad I went to Rock Church this morning. It was great to be a part of the worship team today. We had a sweet time of worship followed by a very motivating message from our guests Pastor Syvelle and Lovie Phillips. They have been instrumental in translating the Bible into many languages. I cannot tell you how this couple has impacted Ed and I but I will tell you that we made a commitment today. We will help an 18 year old young lady from Uganda, Africa to cover her educational needs each month. We feel fortunate to be able to invest in some one elses future in this way.



2 responses

27 10 2008

I love Nancy’s hair!!! The colors are gorgeous!!!! Next time I want pictures of the windy road!!!


28 10 2008

I love-love-love picture #7 ! It’s so lovely. 🙂


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