leaf peeping

12 10 2008

  I took this picture from the hair and make up trailer at Screen Gems. The surroundings don’t look like much but that sunset sure is a beauty. Just a subtle reminder to me that, although we try to create the illusion of beauty with our make up and hair techniques, God still has the best paint box. And He ain’t afraid to use it. I love me a pink and blue sky.

This is the prelude to my upcoming trip to the mountains with our best friends, Nancy and Glenn. We love to ride around Deals Gap, Cherokee and Silva to see the foliage at this time of year. We will be renting the same cabin on the mountain that we rented last year. Nancy, the organizer, made all the plans.

We plan to drive around and play outside in the afternoons. Ed really wants to do some gem mining so that is in our plans. Nancy and I are trying to plan some meals that we can prepare to cook in the crock pot while we are out driving around. Then we can come back to the cabin, have dinner and play cards until we get tired. I am so looking forward to chilling with my buddies.



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