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12 10 2008

I made a new friend while I worked on the historic docu – drama about Native American history. As I got to do this actor’s hair every day we had some interesting conversations. He told me that, as a young Apache boy in his family, his other siblings could pass for white, but he was obviously Native American. There was not really a positive male figure in his life that he could model his life after. Without getting too personal, I think it fair to say that my friend traveled a hard road in his growing up years. Because of his past, he told me, he has a passion to be a positive role model for young Native men to look to. He wants young people from his culture to recognize themselves in him. He said, and I am paraphrasing here, I want young people to look at me and think, “That is me. That is who I am.” He wants to see young people find pride and dignity in who they are created to be. That is one reason that it is important to him to stay physically and mentally fit.  He works out to keep his body healthy and he maintains integrity in his life. There is something greater than himself that he is pouring himself into. He is giving of himself to the next generations.

That is an inspiration to me. I can Identify with traveling a rough road while growing up. I made a lot of wrong turns and poor choices. God intervened in my life in 1977 when He directed me to AA where I got sober and began to change my life radically. Five years into my sobriety, He intervened again when He opened my eyes to see my need for a Savior. My life has never been the same since I asked Jesus to be my Lord.

Meeting and sharing with this interesting man inspires me to ask myself;

  1. Why am I so blessed to be living the clean and sober life that I have today?
  2. Do I realize how important it is to be a positive example for the next generation to look to?
  3. Am I living in such a way that I would be comfortable with a young person trying to emulate my behavior?

More than anything, I want to bring glory to my God. Next, I want to help another person who is going through similar struggles that I have been through. My life has been miraculously diverted from certain disaster.

“I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined to me and heard my cry. He brought me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay. He set my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm. He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and will put their trust in the Lord.” Psalm 40:1-3



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13 10 2008

You are certainly a woman to be emulated.
You have taught me how to appropriately respond in tough situations.
You gave me a working model for fighting off depression.
You have shown me more about intercession (from questions asked & my reading those prayer journals you used to innocently leave out – forgive my prying, please) than I ever realized as I was sneaking a peak.
I am so proud of you mom!


14 10 2008

It is fine with me that you read my journals because, as you know, I was reading yours too. 😉 I love you so much.


14 10 2008


Thanks for sharing this. It’s important to have some role models who look like we look or have come from where we came from. It’s inspiring and it gives hope to others. It also gives a subtle and sometimes not so subtle validation to who we are and what we’ve experienced. Yet, with this comes the responsibility of being a role model. I am often saddened to see “being a role model” is not looked upon with desirous eyes. Many times we may want the fame and recognition but not the responsibility that comes with the “role model” hat. It was indeed inspiring to hear about your new friend!


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