My birthday weekend

4 10 2008

Leave it to my daughter to be the one who identified the mystery mushroom in my previous post. Stinkhorn is a perfect name for this creature. And, my Fawn has a knack for turning stinky mysteries into a teaching tool. You make me proud Fawn. I love you so much.

I slept in until after 9 am. It was much needed and appreciated. When I crawled out of my room, my husband was sitting in the recliner with Bella on his lap and a cup of coffee next to him. The rest of the pot of coffee was waiting for me. Ah, I love that man.

It is still my birthday weekend. That means it is “no rules weekend”. Ed and I went to River-fest in downtown Wilmington to see our Glory Academy of Fine Arts perform their dance routines. They never cease to delight me. It was a blessing to hear the name of Jesus called upon through the music that they danced to. And, to see fun and exuberance through their motions without any bumping, grinding, gyrating. Way to go girls and boys.

River-fest closes Water Street to traffic and lines both sides of the street with vendors selling crafts and foods and all kinds of fun stuff. Most years Ed and I avoid the downtown area at this time of year because neither of us are fond of crowds. But this year, we wanted to support our young dancers and participate in some of the festivities.

Did I mention it is still my birthday weekend? Did I mention it is “no rules weekend”? Did I mention food vendors? Italian sausage and peppers sandwich and french fries are a must at any festival. I dare you to say no to this!

    This is the real deal here! After indulging in these delicacies, we stopped off at Port City Java where I treated myself to a Mocha Shake. That would be 2 shots of espresso and chocolate syrup blended into vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and drizzled with more chocolate syrup. YEEEHAAAA!

It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to go to a movie and subject myself to sitting still and quiet for the next 2 hours or so after all that. But we did! While the upcoming movies were being advertised I was finishing up some texting. I heard someone behind me say, “Excuse me” but I paid no attention until I got two rather sharp jabs on my shoulder. The couple behind me asked me to stop texting because my phone was blinding them. No lie, They said my screen was blinding, from the seat behind me. Wow. I said I would shut it down as soon as I sent this last word. Then, the lady actually said,”if you sit on the back row you won’t bother anyone.” I replied that I would have it shut down in a moment and that I was FINE where I was. She had to keep going with it and reply, “Well, I am not fine.” Never the one to let someone else have the last word I responded, ‘You will be in just one moment.” I hit the send button, put my sight impairing technological device away and spent the next three minutes shaking the conversation out of my head. Then, the movie started and I had a couple of laughs.

American Carol is not really my type of humor but it was enjoyable. If you enjoyed the Airplane movies and that humor, you will appreciate this  flick. A bit silly for me although I did enjoy seeing the Michael character get slapped on several occasions. Bill O’Reilly tickled me and Kelsy Gramar made a great Patten. Jon Voight did an excellent George Washington… his wig looked very good. (Yeah, I had to notice and give props for that).

I enjoyed the short appearance of Trace Adkins as the “Angel of Freakin Death”. I love the song about America too.

I really just hope that this flick makes more in the box office than Michael Moores DOCUMENTARIES. In the film industry, it is all about the $$$$>

Peace out on my birthday weekend.



One response

10 10 2008
Rachel Rowell

LOL….I’m laughing out loud at the complaining lady. That is just too much. She musta been PMSing or something phsycotic. Wow! Way to go Mrs. Coni!

I’m glad you had such a great birthday weekend. I had no idea last Sunday that it was your birthday weekend. Now I feel bad I didn’t say anything. You’ll fogive me I’m sure. You had a mocha shake, so I KNOW it was a good b.d. Those are the bomb ,and your pics. of food have me salivating as I type…….seriously.


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