27 09 2008

Whenever he thinks I am being just a tad grumpy:

“Sometimes I wake up Grumpy… sometimes I let her sleep.”

Ed’s answer to “What brought you to NC?”

I tied a snow shovel to the roof of the car and drove south. When someone asked me what that thing on top of my car is, I stopped.”

Today, we went out to lunch together and on the way home we decided to stop at the jewelers to have my diamond ring fixed. This is my engagement ring and it is the first diamond I ever owned. Ed and I shopped for it some 27 years ago when we were just starting out together. Of course, it is sentimental. The prongs were a little loose and catching hair when I work so our intention was to have the prongs replaced. HOWEVER, I started looking at different settings and found one that really caught my eye. My diamond fit perfectly in this setting and looks so classy to me that we bought it. If you know me at all, you know that I love my bling. This is one area where the flashy Italian taste comes out in me.

We waited for the diamond to be reset into the new ring and when it was finished, our sales lady (can you say happy woman?) brought it out and handed it to Ed. He looked at it and agreed that it was beautiful then he handed it to me. I stretched my left hand out to him and waited. And waited. I waved my left hand around in front of him and asked him if he would marry me all over again. He said, “I already married you twice”, referring to our 15th anniversary when we renewed our vows. Then he tried to put the ring IN my hand. The romantic moment was lost on him. I finally just came out with it. “Here is your chance to put my engagement ring on again Bucko. Don’t blow this.”

Ah yes, wedded bliss. He dutifully placed the diamond on my finger and now we are officially into our 27th year of marriage. It is a good thing that I am crazy about this man. A better thing that I know he is crazy about me.



One response

28 09 2008
Rachel Rowell

haha! sounds just like a man. They just don’t get all that romance stuff…..most of the time anyway.

Congrats. on the new rock!!! I can’t believe you weren’t flashing it around Sunday. I forgot to ask you about it, cause I remember you twittering about it.


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