Rock and a nugget

21 09 2008
Rock Church

Rock Church

From a Friday night rock concert to Sunday morning at Rock Church!! It was a strange morning for me. I was still so tired and groggy when my alarm went off that I slept for another hour and missed practice. I am not sure that we have any policy that says you can’t participate on stage if you miss morning practice but I opted to sit out. It is the first time in a couple of years that I sat in the congregation and actually got to worship on the floor. This is what I saw from the crowd as our worship team tore it up. Suddenly, my mind turned to a new friend of mine who I have been inviting to come to  Rock Church. She is very reluctant to come to any church because of previous wounds she has received from church goers. This woman is smart, talented and, in my opinion, seeking. A thought came to me to do something I have never done before in church. I called her from my cell phone and told her I just wanted her to hear this song. Then I held the phone while the worship team played and I sang my guts out. I got back on the phone, told her I was thinking of her and praying for her and I hung up.

I am not advocating folks to start making their personal calls from church but I know, without a shadow of a doubt that NO ONE from Rock Church would be upset in the least about THAT phone call during service. We would all be thrilled to see this young lady come to church any time.

As God would have it, Pastor Bryan spoke about loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. I am so glad that people never gave up on inviting me to church because one day I actually came just to shut them up. Surpise of all surprises, I met my Saviour at that church service and my life was never the same.

Here is my nugget for the day: A spiritual relationship with God is the most personal and intimate relationship there can be.



2 responses

22 09 2008

What an awesome story! I love when God directs us to do things out of the ordinary.


24 09 2008

You go Miss Coni….


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