Hair and singing

19 09 2008

I am pretty excited about a project coming up. The story takes place in 1941. I just love the hairstyles and make up and wardrobe from that era.  The first step in a project like this is to do the research. I have studied some fabulous pictures of hairstyles from the 1940s. This is just one of my favorites. I will try to show you some pictures of my work when we finish this project.

The first film I ever worked on was a story that took place in 1939. An acquaintance of mine was working as a casting person. She asked me if I would like to work as an extra in a feature film. The title of the film is Radio land Murders. It is a comedy that had some pretty impressive people involved in it. The executive producer was George Lucas. It was a box office flop but God had a plan that I never would have dreamed of.

Due to my hair styling background I was able to do my own hair in the required finger waves. The hair stylists on the show loved it because it meant one less hair style they had to create. I was fascinated by the beautiful work they were doing and I hung around them, watching and admiring, every chance I got. I learned how to execute the rolls, curls and waves of the period.

After about a month, two of the stylists got hired on another feature film which meant they were leaving this show. When they told head of the hair department, she asked if they had a recommendation for a replacement. Both girls told her about me. She hired me.

As a result of that job, I was admitted into the Make Up Artists and Hair Stylists Union. I finished the show with her. The work was not easy because of the sheer numbers of heads that needed to be styled every day, but I worked hard to learn what needed to be done. The hours were absolutely insane! I worked 71 hours one week. It was exhausting and exhilarating all at once. The department head, Michelle Johnson, became a friend. She hired me on a TV series the following year and I have worked a few other projects with her over the years.

When we moved to North Carolina Ed and I thought that God was moving us into a full time music ministry. wrong. For the longest time I questioned God about this. Singing and telling people about the love and mercy of Jesus Christ was my very life.

Each time I questioned God, He responded by asking me a question.

“Will you go where I lead you?”

“Yes Lord, but, are you sure this is where You want me??”

“Even if it is not where you want to go?”

My answer then and now is, “Yes Lord.”

God is so good to me. I love being a hair stylist AND I still get to sing about the love and mercy of my Savior, Jesus Christ, at Rock Church in Wilmington.



2 responses

19 09 2008

I was doing make-up on that show. I remember meeting you during that show. Wow, that was a long time ago. I had forgotten that that is where you came into the business. In my mind, you have always been there!!! God has truly blessed you my friend and sister!


4 10 2008

Hello yesterdays Birthday Girl who I lovingly owe a sundae to…I just got up after working all night on the HBO project. I read your conisong page and read how you came to this business. Even though I knew the story it was nice to see it in writing and just to show you how far we have come you are so much more than an acquantance but a true blue sister of mine. We are stuck together for eternity and HE knew it all along. Gosh, God is Awesome. Now about that Sundae, Call me. LOVE YOU.


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