Mystery mushrooms

17 09 2008
What the...

What the...

What in the world is trying to take over my garden??

The round, white objects in the fore ground open up and sprout these crazy looking mushrooms. Once the mushrooms sprout, they stink and attract flies from the 4 corners of the earth. I am serious! I can smell this musty, moldy stench from the driveway as soon as I open my car door. Has anyone out there seen anything like this before? We got a nasty batch of mulch because I dug out about 30 of the round “eggs” the other day and today there are another 30 out there. They remind me of turtle eggs. The outer covering is almost leathery and when I was digging them up, I tore through it and it leaked a sticky fluid.

This is like a science project gone bad. Maybe aliens mistook my garden for a hatchery. I would call in the Men In Black to investigate but I am afraid they would “flashy thingy” me and then my memory would be even worse than it is now.

Leave me a comment if you dare. 😉



7 responses

18 09 2008

I don’t even dare! 😉


18 09 2008

lol what could we possibly say??

Except don’t smoke them as they might be magic mushrooms.


18 09 2008

I have no idea. But thanks for the nightmare.


20 09 2008



i’m not touchin’ this one.


20 09 2008

I’m with Carolyn – wow….



22 09 2008

Did you did up the one large mushroom to be sure there wasn’t a man buried underneath?


3 10 2008

They’re called “stink horns” and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The ones we get here in Fl. have four “petals” that touch at the top & open in between to allow the flys to reach that gooey stuff. Thats how they propagate. Gross, huh? But man they make a grea object lesson on how unforgiveness stinks up a relationship.

Love you!


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