Oh, the glamour…

9 09 2008

The air conditioning at Screen Gems studio was working fine this morning. We started our day of filming in one of the stages and it was cold enough to hang meat in that place! When I walked out into the lot, my glasses immediately fogged over. That was at 7 am. 

Two scenes later, we were filming in a stinky, old building that had NO air conditioning and practically no air in it. It was hot, humid and smelled like dirty gym socks. Yuck.

One scene later we were on the move again. This time to the good old out doors, where the temp was in the high 80s and we filmed Marine soldiers in dress uniforms (complete with wool coats) standing in the blazing sun. We were away from the dusty, dirty socks smell but right into mopping sweat from the bald heads of our brave soldiers. The neat thing was that we had actual Marines from Jacksonville come to be in this scene. In between mopping sweaty heads, I found a few moments to have a conversation with an impressive young mother of three who was the Staff Sargent. She told me that it was the toughest thing she had ever done in her life. Some days she loved it and some days she hated it but she wouldn’t change it for anything. Somehow, I felt proud of her and happy that I got to speak with her.

It was so good to get home and take a nice shower! I enjoyed relaxing on the couch with Bella snuggled next to me while we waited for Ed to get home. I think I will go enjoy some time with him before I turn in for the night.



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13 09 2008
Rachel Rowell

Just wanted to drop by and say I love you my sister in Christ. 🙂 See you in the am!!!


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