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7 09 2008

Whenever you are having a funky, kind of blue, down on yourself day, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. We all have them. Sometimes it’s nothing you can put your finger on. Occasionally we have several of them back to back and that really stinks.

Well, I just felt led to share a half dozen helpful thoughts about how I turn my attitude around when it “just ain’t right”.

  1. Recognize that this will not last forever.
  2. Take a self inventory of all your positive attributes.
  3. Count (yes, really list and count) your blessings.
  4. Write out a prayer of thanksgiving.
  5. Smile. Even if it hurts.
  6. Get off your behind and GO do some thing for some one else.

By the end of the list, it’s not about me anymore. Funny thing that when it is not about me, I feel a lot better about me.

If I am lazy enough I can probably attain a better attitude by just jumping right to #6.

have a nice day. 🙂



One response

18 09 2008

Excellent Attitudes.

The first point reminds me of a story a person who was given this ring on which was incsribed the words “This too shall pass.”

Everything s transitory I guess especially when life itself is transitory


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