Back to Destiny

5 09 2008

I am finding it necessary to go back to my roots, so to speak. Sometimes, I forget where I am going and why I am on this journey. It is those times that I look back at where I have been and remember how I got to where I am now. If I have dropped the ball along the way or if I have momentarily forgotten an integral step of my journey, I may recognize it and correct it.

Truth is that I have been hiding out on my purpose for so long that I have lost clear sight of what it is. I need a reminder of the circumstances that my awesome God has brought me through. He created me with a purpose in mind. Things did not turn out the way that I thought they should and so I ducked out for a while.

Bear with me as I find my way back to destiny.



2 responses

5 09 2008

All thats hapened was your destiny its made us who we are today. Hopefully it makes us better people for having learnt lessons in life hard way. Its like when someones given an operation on the face of it looks horrifying being cut up etc, blood pouring out, bits being taken out. But the patient bears it patiently even gives his signature telling the doctor please perform this as he knows its for his long term good. Its a life long battle sometimes we fall sometimes we win over as long as we keep getting back up and trying thats what counts in Gods eyes.

Like he tells us I am closer to you than your jugular vein..which is the closest vein to our just takes a second to call on him.

Read this story earlier about the this idol worshipper who used to call on his idol all his life .. O sanam O sanam..he accidentally once said O Samed O samed (God) and straight away the reply came from the heavens ” I am present My Slave, I am present my Slave.”

God is Merciful.


5 09 2008

BTW we havent the power to change our past but we have the power to make a better future.

May God make our futures bright and May He fill us with Joy, May he give is the right guiadance and make our lifes on earth pure and peaceful like Heaven. Amen


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