The Rock’s got Talent

30 08 2008

So, what did you do on Friday night?

I somehow got myself involved with the crazy idea to join my friends, Barbara and Renee, in a parody of The Supremes.

Our church ripped off the concept of America’s got Talent. We had a talent show and called it, of course… The Rock’s got Talent. My first idea was to do a comedy character. I wanted to be Amy Winehouse’s oldest fan. My plan was to imitate her signature Beehive hair-do using 2 wigs. I was going to do sagging tatoos on my arms and saggy body parts as well. I would make my entrance using the aid of a walker and sing, “They tried to make me go to Rehab”. The reality is that more than half of the folks would not get it because they don’t know Amy or her music. So… 86 that idea.

Then I heard that my friend Barbara wanted to lip sync and imitate Dianna Ross and the Supremes but couldn’t find anyone who would do it with her. I (half jokingly) said that I would have been one of her Supremes. To my surprise, she ran off and came back a moment later with the other Supreme! It was ON!

STOP... in the name of love

STOP... in the name of love


It was hilarious! Barbara’s husband, Sherwood, even got in on the act from the audience. We sang the whole song to him and Barbara really put on the attitude. At the end, Sherwood tried to charge the stage to be with Dianna… um… I mean, Barbara. We had great fun.

There were about 17 acts in all. The real talent was shining. We had a singer/ songwriter who debuted her own song. Rachell Rowell, your song was fabulous. There was a 12 year old comedian, McKinley Matthews, who had the audience in stitches. There was a head banging, screaming rock group that introduced me to a form of music that I was hitherto not familiar with. Judging from the head bobbing, yelling  group of teens sitting in front of us, this group was GREAT!! I loved their exuberance.

I cannot go into a description of every act that performed but suffice it to say, there was not a clinker in the bunch. It was a great night of entertainment and laughter. Yes, we laughed out loud at church. The emcees were two of our very humorous men and they had jokes and quips aplenty. They had a noise meter and after each performance they had the audience applaud. The loudest reading on the sound thingy determined the winner. We had no idea there would be winners or a prize.

Barbara nearly fell off her chair when they announced “Barbara and the Supremes” as the winners.

Barbara and the Supremes

Barbara and the Supremes

I am still laughing when I look at the pictures! I got to do the wigs and the make up for us. The wardrobe? Sadly enough, the clothes came from our very own closets. Yeah, I know.



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31 08 2008


That sounds like a hoot! I wish I would have been there to see it- but I had to work! Are they perhaps selling dvd’s of the show? Oh, and of course, CONGRATULATIONS! :))


2 09 2008
Rachel Rowell

You gals were amazing!!! I could not get over how real the whole thing seemed. Great job. The wigs were the bomb!!!!!!!!! Congrats! I love you ❤


5 09 2008
20th anniversary celebration - friday night |

[…] mc’s, remarked that there’s always room for more cello… [har, har]. in the end barbara miller’s lip syncing supremes won by the highest applause reading on our dB meter. the big prize, a gift card to mayfaire. carry […]


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