It’s a good day when…

20 08 2008

You know it’s a good day when:

  1. You have a good doctor’s visit.
  2. You are told that your 6 month Cat scan to measure the progress of the Pulmonary Fibrosis you were diagnosed with shows NO CHANGE at all.
  3. Your doctor tells you that the scarring that showed up on your first Cat scan might not even be Pulmonary Fibrosis but could be due to some damage done in the past.
  4. You get to tell your doctor that you believe in the power of God to heal.
  5. You have family and friends who rejoice with you over good news.
  6. You get to go to work at a job you are good at AND enjoy.
  7. God allows you to see just one more of His spectacular sunsets at the end of your work day.

I know it has been a good day.

I hope you had one too.



4 responses

21 08 2008
Sara Lea

God be praised, my sister!!!! You are favored in His eyes!!!


21 08 2008


I can’t believe he would tell you that maybe it wasn’t pulmonary fibrosis. If past damage was a possibility, why didn’t he mention it before? Hmmm? Or was it a divine healing.. ahem, I mean “spontaneous remission?”

I know- don’t stop praying yet, but I’m so happy you got this good report.


23 08 2008
Rachel Rowell

THAT is definitely a good day I would say! I am so glad to hear about your good report. God just loves to show off to them doctors huh?

Can’t wait to worship with ya in the A.M! Love you my sister in Christ.


24 08 2008

very good day, indeed


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