Secret Shopper

18 08 2008

Sometimes, I think I would like to be a secret shopper. The person who is secretly there to give the business a score. Say 1-10 with 1 being the worst and ten the best. Most of the places I have been to recently would rate beneath a 5. That might be because I expect too much when I go into an establishment or it could be that customer service is a thing of the past.

For instance, (you must have known this was coming) last night, I went to a restaurant for dinner with some friends. All 4 dinners came out of the kitchen at different times. Granted, once we all got our food it was good food. But I would take points off the score for this. At the end of the meal, I paid our waitress in cash. She brought me back the correct bills but no change. I should have received 9 cents along with my bills. I asked her how much my bill was again and she had to go find the bill to tell me.

I said, “Shouldn’t I have nine cents along with my change.”

She quite perkily said, “Oh, I just rounded it off. Is that OK?”

To which I replied, “No, I want my 9 cents please.”

Now, the issue here is certainly not the 9 cents, but when did it become OK for restaurants to round off MY change. What if I had all but the 9 cents to pay my bill with? Would it have been OK for me to brightly go on my way? I probably would not have even made it out the door.

I wonder how many 9 cents or 10 or 25 cents they rounded off that night. Last time I checked, that was called stealing. I do not like to be taken advantage of no matter how cute and perky the person cheating me is.

Next time you go to Elizabeth’s enjoy your food but count your change.



3 responses

23 08 2008
Rachel Rowell

Oh my gosh! I cannot believe that. Well, actually I can. But you are totally right about if we tried to round off our bill and ended up 9 cents short it would be a big deal.

WOW! Guess now I know I need to count my change from now on. Good for you for standing your ground. Maybe you proved a point.


24 08 2008

this has happened to me before.


9 09 2008

You go girlfriend. She’s telling the truth. I was a witness.


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