Happy Anniversary

15 08 2008

Wow, it has been 26 years that Ed and I have been married.

We met in AA, went together for 2 years, then split up for 2 years. It was during this time apart that we each developed a relationship with Jesus Christ. He brought us back together and we were married within a year.


10 MORE things you may knot know about us:

  1. This is a second marriage for both of us.
  2. We both had children when we met. Ed had 2 daughters and I had one daughter.
  3. Our three daughters gave us 4 grandsons until 4 years ago when Caroline Grace was born.
  4. We were both heroin addicts in our past.
  5. Both our parents got divorced when we were very young.
  6. God comes first in our relationship, then each other, then our children (family), then friends.
  7. We have committed to be honest with each other and never to discourage each other.
  8. We actually like one another.
  9. We really love one another.
  10. Today, we committed to shoot for another 26 years together.

Got to go now and start getting dressed for our celebration dinner at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse. I have never been to one of these restaurants but I hear they serve the very best food anywhere. Dress is formal.

What a classy couple. 🙂



3 responses

15 08 2008


I met my wife at an online AA meeting. She didn’t yet have a year, and I had twelve, and I refused to meet her in person until she made that year. She now has twelve (and wonders what the heck I was thinking). AA relationships are the best! I hope you do get another twenty-six. Thanks for being a power of example.


16 08 2008

Happy Anniversary, you guys! Oh, and please tell us all about Ruth’s Chris! I hope y’all had a Wonderful Time!


16 08 2008

Congrats to yunz! We love you so much. You are awesome neighbors, friends, family and Jesus freaks.

Tim, Mary, Rachel, Tamara and of course Laddie.


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