Family, friends and … yuck

13 08 2008

The plan was for me to go to Raleigh today, stay at a hotel tonight and shoot a commercial tomorrow. At about noon today, I got a call saying we would delay the shoot one day because of the threat of bad weather tomorrow.

I think God arranged for me to be home tonight so I could be the one to clean the poop off Daisy’s foot. Mr. Eddie owes me big time. George Carlin once did a whole comedy routine around the fact (?) that humans step in dog poop but dogs never step in their own poop. I wish Daisy had heard Mr. Carlin’s routine. Most of all, I wish she hadn’t proved him wrong tonight. Yuck!

 I really think she was quite embarrassed by the whole incident. She would be mortified to know that I just blogged about this. How could this sweet looking animal do something so gross?

By the way… I am a Grandnoni!! This precious blond cutie is Natalie Glenn Cook. Her Mommy, Becky, is my Little Girl friend. Natalie’s Granny is my BGFF, Nancy. Ed and I got a visit from them last week and Becky took this great photo. Natalie just loved the dogs. I think she liked us OK too. 😉

She decided to move into Bella’s digs. In this pic, I think Bella is saying, “Hey, aren’t you gonna do something about this?” It was adorable to hear Natalie try to imitate Bella barking. Life is good.



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