Love blossoms

4 08 2008

This month has some important anniversaries in it.

My 26th wedding anniversary is August 15th. You may call this a coincidence but…

August blooms
August blooms

every August I get two of the most vibrant blooms from this rose bush. Since roses are my favorite flower and, in my opinion, the most romantic, I am sure that God fashioned this one to blossom as a reminder to me. The two blossoms represent Ed and me. Beautiful together. Green leaves, growing, living and sharing beauty. A sweet fragrance. Oh yeah, and some thorns. It’s all in there.

Ed is:
  • my best friend
  • my strongest supporter
  • the one that I can always count on to be in my corner
  • the one human that I trust the most
  • the one who knows me best
  • the one who will let me know when I have a bad attitude
  • the one who lifts my spirit by just walking into the room

If we only had one ice cream left, he would let me have the whole thing. If he is cold and I am hot, he puts a sweater on rather than turn the AC down. He puts my needs ahead of his own. AND he buys me gorgeous jewelry and takes me on nice vacation trips and he makes me laugh. Seriously, what is not to love about this man?

We made a commitment to stand by each other and to grow old together. We are doing that one day at a time. I am a blessed wife. I love my Special Ed.




2 responses

6 08 2008

Oh Coni- That’s beautiful! You and Ed are so blessed- not only to have each other but to recognize what you have in one another and be thankful for it. Now, that’s a love that glorifies God! Happy Anniversary Month! 😉


6 08 2008

That right there is why I think you guys have a marriage worth emulating!

I love you


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